sawakise: look at how bara miyuki is like calm down goliath (yikes)
  • page 8: hyofuji (ballroom e youkoso) FILLED
  • page 9: miyusawa (daiya no ace) FILLED
  • page 19: oisawa (haikyuu!!) FILLED
  • page 21: miyusawa (daiya no ace) FILLED
  • page 22: oikimiyu (haikyuu!! x kuroko no basuke x daiya no ace)
  • page 26: miyusawa (daiya no ace) FILLED 
  • page 46: miyusawa (daiya no ace)
  • page 46miyusawa (daiya no ace)
  • page 46: kuraryou (daiya no ace)
  • page 50rikutake (prince of stride)
  • page 5: miyusawa, manibus, for your hands
  • page 6: kuraryou, you saved me 
  • page 6: miyusawa, you forgot this in my room last night
  • page 6: souharu, you like this kind of stuff, right?
  • page 6: kuroodai, don't send me this stuff anymore
  • page 6: ogikuro, don't blame yourself anymore, i forgive you
  • page 7: bokuroo, bro i made u a mixtape
  • page 7: oikage, oikawa-san, how's the ankle?
  • page 7: iwaoi, you left this at my dorm
  • page 7: oikage, in which oikawa is not mentioned once during kageyama's interview
  • page 8: miyumiyu, in which miyuki kazuya is the only person who gives miyuki kazuya a gift on miyuki kazuya's own birthday
  • page 12: miyusawa, TOKYO GHOUL AU GIVE ME
  • page 12: oikage, moving into an apartment together kya
  • page 1: hanamatsu, condoms
  • page 2: iwaoi, professional volleyball 
  • page 4, iwaoi, what a player
  • page 4: kuroodai, medieval/scifi capture the flag
  • page 5: bokuaka, hades and persephone

  • page 8: miyusawa, "You can’t force someone to be with you. You can’t force someone to care about you. You can’t make someone want you. Let it go." -- caringsuggestion @ tumblr dot com
  • page 8: miyusawa, "But it’s not easy. I’ve been thinking it over for years. While we loved each other we didn’t need words to make ourselves understood. But people don’t love forever. A time came when I should have found the words to keep her with me, only I couldn’t." — Albert Camus, The Plague
  • page 8: miyusawa, "We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty." — Maya Angelou
  • page 8: miyusawa, "anything you say can and will be held against you so only say my name it will be held against you" -- just one yesterday, fall out boy
  • page 9: miyusawa, "with just this, we'll become partners." -- miyuki kazuya, ace of diamond chapter 396, ace of diamond season 2 episode 47
  • page 33: kuramiyu, "i'm winding up my jack in the box, except the only thing popping out of this one is... disappointment." - cr1tikal
  • page 33: kurodai, "i know that many of you watching this probably think that this is strategy is a bit lame or, "lacks swag", as the kids say. maybe even a few of you think it's easy. i feel like that's a bit unlikely but it's possible for you to think it's easy. but it's none of those things." - cr1tikal
  • page 39: ushioi, "Hey, turn around, bend over, I'll show you Where my shoe fits" - Cabinet Battle #1, Hamilton
  • page 49: miyusawa, "and if you promise not to say a thing i'm gonna buy that girl a diamond ring" - Favorite Girl by The Icarus Account
  • page 49: kuramiyu, "The world was wide enough for both Hamilton and me" -- The World Was Wide Enough, Hamilton
  • page 55: kominatos, "i love my sister more than anything in this life i will choose her happiness over mine every time" - Congratulations, Hamilton
fills (tba)
  • page 2: aokise, he lands and you fall
  • page 3: iwaoi, your heart beats with a pulse that is not your own
  • page 4: bokuroo, it's two in the afternoon and i'm missing you
  • page 6: souharu, the two of us are both too wary for any sort of falling
  • page 18: kurodai, he smiles and you're swallowed into the eye of the storm

  • page 1: miyusawa werewolf au
  • page 1: oikage dnd au
  • page 1: miyusawa tloz au
  • page 2: iwaoi wtnv au
  • page 3: kuraryou overwatch au
  • page 4: miyusawa kiki delivery service au
  • page 4: miyusawa necromancer au
  • page 4: souharu mermaid au
  • page 5: iwaoi toz au
  • page 6: souharu future fish au
  • page 7: miyusawa howls moving castle au
  • page 7: miyusawa trc au (+experimental style! wow)
  • page 8: miyusawa atla au
  • page 8: miyusawa magician fighting ring wtv au
  • page 8: furumei (yes) hogwarts au
  • page 8: miyusawa tg au (+experimental style! wow)
  • page 8: miyusawa supernatural clinic au
  • page 8: kurodai hogwarts au
  • page 9: miyusawa su au
  • page 9: iwaoi twewy au
  • page 9: iwaoi twewy au
  • page 9: miyusawa howl's moving castle au
  • page 9: miyusawa hogwarts au
  • page 9: miyusawa lowkey fire emblem/rpg ig au
  • page 9: miyusawa the fucking rick riodan series (oh yeah pjo) au
  • page 10: miyusawa undertale au
  • page 10: meisawa undertale au
  • page 10: i don't know what hte ship name is (meitada??? meitsu??) hogwarts au
  • page 11: miyusawa pjo au 
  • page 11: miyusawa pjo au 
  • page 11: iwaoi magic kiss (kawink) au 
  • page 11: miyusawa soulmate au 
  • page 12: bokuroo mudane superpower au 
  • page 12: soumine cop + superpower au 
  • page 14: seijou 3rd years + ushijima dnd au
  • page 14: meimiyusawa ish pjo au
  • page 15: miyusawa hades & persephone au
  • page 15: miyusawa hades & persephone au
  • page 15: iwaoi pjo au
  • page 15: furukurasawa undertale au


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